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Our World on the Brink

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was drawn up by 1,300 researchers from 95 nations over a period of four years. It is reported here: Independent News 30/03/05 The state of the world? It is on the brink of disaster An authoritative … Continue reading

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Dada Pranakrsnananda Starts a Blog

Dada Pranakrsnananda has now started a blog on his website. He is a yogic monk with an exceptionally sharp mind, a warm heart and outspoken wit. His first post is entitled “Australia” – which is where Dada has just started … Continue reading

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Language & Learning

Isn’t language incredible?! The human mouth and vocal cords can be manipulated with such precision to emit sound waves that another individual can discern and then decipher, to comprehend the feelings and ideas of the speaker. And the written word … Continue reading

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Dharmabot Takes Birth

Been playing around with some Artificial Intelligence. How would it be to create a bot that knows all the answers to all the questions – available 24/7, never tired, always ready? Some initial experimentations. You can chat to Dharmabot here.

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Social Software Research

Been doing some research. To see the potential of this thing… There are many online projects around the world that aim to involve people as a community in the project itself. From citizen-based reporting for a Korean online newspaper, to … Continue reading

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