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Been doing some research. To see the potential of this thing…

There are many online projects around the world that aim to involve people as a community in the project itself. From citizen-based reporting for a Korean online newspaper, to commercial businesses trying to get their customers involved, to the community of bloggers on the Net.

I just discovered OhMyNews, the Korean-based online newspaper that is maintained by 35,000 citizen reporters. “Every citizen is a reporter” is their slogan.

This article deals with the newspaper’s philosophy, the political and cultural history of Korea that enabled the project, the way it has swayed major political events in the country and the way that Information Technology is changing social participation of democracy. It is an exceptionally interesting read.

This article from Modern Marketing on Open Source Marketing deals with collaberative, open source and community networks and how they have reignited the passion and creativity in individuals; the empowering feeling of participation in community. It wraps it around the context of marketing in the Technological World.

Modern Marketing has also produced a manifesto called ‘What is Open Source Marketing?‘, and has posted readers’ feedback.

TrendWatch "and its 4,000+ trendspotters scan the US, Canada, European Union, Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and 50 other nations & regions for hot, emerging consumer trends and related new business ideas. "

One article of interest, "Customer Made" marketing:

Marketing has finally become a conversation. Not, in most cases, as was intended, BETWEEN corporations and consumers (that would make too much sense), but rather a global conversation involving millions of consumers ABOUT corporations.

MicroPersuasion, a blog on ‘how blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations’.

The Technorati blog search engine’s raison d’etre.

And the opportunity for dharma in all this…

(Some of these sources from another Open Source researcher’s blog here.)

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