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Let You Be The Reason For Everything I do

Let You be the reason for everything I do. I lit a candle for You. It was waiting for this moment to burn for You.

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Blogging As An Employment Option

Wow, this guy is taking blogging seriously… He’s quit his job to be a full-time “self-publicist” (read “blogger”). Good luck to him. (Via Narkoleptomania).

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Social Software at the BBC

When the BBC does something, take note. A compelling example of the value of organisational social software in this BroadbandBlog interview with BBC DigiLab.

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Innovation in Free Software

What are the Free Software movement’s thoughts on a situation where some great creative innovation has come about through a Free Software approach, but the innovative concept has been taken and reconstructed by a Proprietary Software company? The Propriety Software … Continue reading

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