Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon - album by Pink Floyd, 1973

I saw a documentary today about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album.

It brought back all the memories and feelings I had when I first discovered and immersed myself in that album.

In the documentary, Roger Waters was talking about the central themes that he and the band were grappling with at the time and how those themes were woven into the songs of the album…

  • Whether humans are capable of fulfilling their true humanity.
  • The fracture between “Us” and “Them” – Them being the ones who would, say, plant an immaculate and enticing lawn of grass and then ban Us from walking and playing on it.
  • Whether Us is capable of reconciling and overcoming our differences with Them.
  • The fact that time is here right now, life is here right now. There is nothing to wait for – it ‘s all happening right now.

Us & Them:

The album was released in 1973 and subsequently spent months and years in album charts around the world.

The pure creative explosion that is the Dark Side Of The Moon still resonates today. The subtle use of instruments and voice was so effective in communicating their thoughts, their emotions, their search.

I think I’ll have another listen right now…

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One Response to Dark Side Of The Moon

  1. simon williams says:

    Reading this has made me want to listen to it as well. I’m on another course that the dole has sent me on but when I get home I’m gonna have a good old listen.