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Fairtrade Sneakers

Fairtrade Fortnight has been and gone, as has the all-night vigil outside 10 Downing Street for trade justice, which happened last Friday the 15th of April. Fairtrade is an important step in moving towards a just society – which, in today’s world of corrupt, exploitative capitalist businesses seems a long way off.

One of the current problems with Fairtrade is the lack of products on offer – if you look on the Fairtrade website you’ll find these listed – mainly luxuries like chocolate, coffee, etc

However, if you really want to take fairtrade to the next level, I’ve discovered a great site which sells (amongst other apparel)… fairtrade sneakers! And again… fairtrade sneakers!

Yes, you can kick Phil Knight’s corporate ass with these 100% union made Converse-style beauties, which come with an info sheet on the wages and benefits of the workers in Indonesia who made them. Just today they’ve emailed me telling that they’ve added two new styles to their range… and all for the comparatively cheap price of £25.
Check them out here:

Change the world! Start at ground level!

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2 Responses to Change the World! Start at ground level!

  1. jyotirmaya says:

    Sadly the sneakers are from the US. Import duties double the price, making them pretty unfair on the wallet for us UK citizens. Any UK sites stocking these?

  2. becci says:

    If you go here you’ll find a list of all UK stockists. Luckily for us oop north, there’s an actual shop that sells them, The Basement on Lever Street.
    There are also all these UK based sites that stock them: