Monthly Archives: April 2005

I found the way

I found the way that connects us as one it went through visions in dreams interacting as colours encounters in other dimensions nothing to do with bills neither news on the tv showing the unwanted is more about catching eyes … Continue reading

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Plug in to Love

Plug in to Love Plug in Plug in Can’t create it Gotta tap into it

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Humans, Bots and language

I had a brief chat with my linguistics professor today about the feasablility of teaching a robot to speak like a human being.

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Dark Side Of The Moon

I saw a documentary today about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album. It brought back all the memories and feelings I had when I first discovered and immersed myself in that album.

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Although I’m no fan of Microsoft, I actually think they have done a grand job in their 30+ year history. Their products are functional and useable and have served me well for many years. Yet somehow I still feel dissatisfied … Continue reading

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