Category Map

Category Map of Dharmasphere

Something I’ve just been trying out…

Here is a Category Map of this website. It uses the WordPress Category Map Plugin.

The size and colour of the category names are related to the number of posts in that category. Each category name is also a link and can be used to browse the posts contained within that category.

If you refresh the page, you get a new, randomly generated map.

I think the map gets more interesting when there is a greater number of posts on the site and the relative differences in category size gets more pronounced.

I have posted some comments the plugin’s website, about how the map could be taken further.

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2 Responses to Category Map

  1. Madhava says:

    Very interesting. I’d like to have a look at the code for that … you’re on to it dude!

  2. Prem says:

    “you’re on to it dude!”

    Well, perhaps not…
    Here and here Jeffrey Zeldman slates these “tag clouds” and everything to do with them.

    His basic points are that:
    a) Tag clouds are too popular that they’re offensive and, more importantly…

    b) They break the parent-child model that traditionally represents a category that is sub-divided into distinct and unique sub-categories.

    On the other hand, tag clouds do convey a very real relationship between posts that contain similar “tags” (that is, “categories” or “keywords”).

    I would like to see a blending of the tag cloud approach with the parent-child approach to get the best of both worlds.