Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s Birthday

PR Sarkar

Today is the first full moon in May, a traditionally auspicious day known as “Ananda Purnima” (the blissful full-moon). On this day in 1921, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar was born in Jamalpur, India.

His early work as a railway clerk betrayed little of the storm that was soon to occur around him…

Sarkar started teaching yogic meditation to a growing band of followers, later forming the socio-spiritual organisation Ananda Marga. He became known by his spiritual name Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

In 1959, he propounded a humanistic socio-economic theory, Prout, to challenge both Capitalism and Communism. I remember hearing his comment that society had been unable to fully accept humanism until it had witnessed the horrors of World War Two.

He formed a relief organisation, AMURT, which was the first global NGO founded in the Third World. AMURT has recently been working in the Tsunami region.

Sarkar went on to form a global cultural organisation, RAWA, for the realignment of the arts with the spirit of service and mysticism. And just to show how it was done, he composed a staggering 5018 songs in the last eight years of his life, before passing away in 1990. His collection of songs is called Prabhata Samgiita.

He went on to propound a new concept in science and psychology, called Microvita, and a holistic system of education based on his principles of Neo-Humanism.

Sarkar was a fountain of wisdom on ecology, womens’ issues, linguistics, history, farming and just about everything else that I can think of!

A strict moralist, and a tireless exposer of corruption, he fell on the wrong side of Indira Gandhi’s increasingly authoritarian government. Refusing to keep quiet about social exploitation and his Prout theory, he spent seven years as a political prisoner and survived a poisoning attempt while in jail.

By the time he re-emerged, his ideas had spread throughout the world, and continue to do so today.

So much in one lifetime…

I’ll be thinking of you today. Happy Birthday!

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26 Responses to Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar’s Birthday

  1. Parama Pita Baba ki JAI!
    Happy Birthday, indeed, to Shrii Sarkar, arguably the greatest of India’s spiritual masters and social activists of modern times…

  2. F Greg McGeary says:

    I really like your site. You can know a great man by his face and it is a face unlike any other!

    It seems to me, a composite of all humanity as one shining face. g

  3. Kunal says:

    Shri shri anand murti ji ki jai happy birthday Modern writer, philosopher, scientist, social theorist, and spiritual leader, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar has attracted a following in more than 130 countries. His books have been translated into all the world’s major languages, and his unique blend of historical perspective and social commentary has been the inspiration for social activists seeking progressive alternatives to capitalism and communism.

  4. Shantika says:

    I so love Baba.

  5. Arunchand says:







  6. Premasagar says:

    Happy Birthday, Baba!

  7. sharala ex lft of sout america says:

    Please i want know about Didi Ananda Chandra Shekhara and Didi Ananda Sumantrita,can give this massege to then .thanks
    Please may can she write me in my email.

  8. tapasi says:

    This is wonderful!!

  9. krishna kumar says:

    param pita baba ki jai…………………….
    u can contect me through this email address
    we r in the m.p.

  10. abhinav kumar says:

    dada. i m very old sadhak . but now i m in pune and my acharya is ac. nirmohanand avt. i want fasting date schadule. so plez send me at my web add.

  11. Premasagar says:

    @abhinav – you can find fasting dates at :)

  12. Miirabay from Brasil says:

    I love you, father!!!!

  13. Pranav Kumar(Prashant) says:

    Yogeshwar SRI SRI Anand Murtee Ji ki jai,I LOVE BABA. “BABA NAM KEVAKAM” is a mahamantra, so always remember this mantra and chant this,no any problems can come in life because BABA(GOD) is there to take care of everyone.thanks

  14. Pranav Kumar(Prashant) says:

    can any one send me DMS photos please email

  15. Premasagar says:

    Pranav – I’m not sure which DMS you mean, but there are photos of several DMS conferences here:

  16. priyaranjan says:

    happy birth day to my baba…i cant forget this auspicious day as it is day on which advent of lord anandamurtii was taken place….

  17. Govinda (McGeary) says:

    When the the greatest personality is born, everyone is blessed. So it is true for the animate and inanimate world also.
    How fortunate it is to live and breathe, when he walks the earth.
    How fortunate still are those who have heard Him and seen Him.
    But those who follow His wishes..the path of bliss and righteousness..they are by far the wisest and most fortunate of all.
    When He was casually asked by Vikasha:
    “How are you feeling BABA!”
    BABA replied “When someone asks how you are feeling you should say..
    “I am filled with energy and dancing in ecstacy!”

  18. Manna Majumder says:

    Baba Nam Kevalam….

    Guru Brahmaa gurur Vishnur
    Gurur devo Maheshvarah,
    Guru saakshaat param Brahma.
    Tasmai shree guruve namah

    Baba Take my pranam from core heart.

  19. Pallavi Raul says:

    Parampita Babancha vijay aso

  20. Kailash udaipur says:

    I love u my faivrout baba babanamkevlem

  21. umapathy says:

    could any one send me some awesome photo of baba of good picture quality, to be printed in A3 size. my email address is
    baba nam kevalam

  22. His ideas will live on through us and anyone who lives what this man taught.

  23. Dr Ranjan kumar Sen says:

    We will remove all dogmas from world. Our plan at birthday. BABAKREPAHI KEVALAM

  24. Sister Maungala Devi from Thailand says:

    Parama Piti Babaki! Jai!

  25. Sister Maungala Devi from Thailand says:

    Parama Pita Babaki! Jai!!

  26. Gautam says: