Images From The World

Daisy Mural

So, I finally got around to getting into

I first heard about this collective global photo community quite some time ago, but hadn’t delved into it until now. I’ve uploaded some of my recent photos and artwork based on them.

I’m planning to gradually upload my stock of good images and to set up a Dharmasphere photostream – and then pipe it straight through this website…

Here are some images taken last week on a little morning jaunt around Alexandra Park in Manchester.

Leaf Veins

Goslings in the Lake

Mouth of the Ent

Fly on a Tree

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One Response to Images From The World

  1. Roshnii says:

    Thanks to Prem’s intro to Flickr, I have dabbled in a little digital photography myself and explored the colourful world of the vast Flickr website.
    A small selection of my photos can be found at