Store Wars: The Organic Rebellion

Store Wars
Free Range have made another great activist Flash movie, “Store Wars”. This time about chemical vegetables and the Organic Rebellion.

The Meatrix

The studios previously won a webby award for their movie “The Meatrix”, about the meat industry.

They are a talented bunch, using their time and skills for promoting ethical causes through multimedia. In their words:

We know we could be using our talents to sell cheeseburgers or sneakers, but we feel that an inherent part of creativity is the creation of something positive and meaningful.

I see they are also making a $15,000 grant to assist an ethical organisation communicate their message through the Web. Hmmm…

Here are some more of their activist movies.

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3 Responses to Store Wars: The Organic Rebellion

  1. Roshnii says:

    ‘Store Wars’ is truly a classic, I was totally gripped by the adventures of Cuke Skywalker in his battle with Darth ‘Tater!
    Those guys at Free Range are very talented and the potential of activist Flash movies is enormous…what a way to change the world!

  2. dan says:

    i recon it was horrible and u all should shut up with the brocoli

  3. Froggy says:

    This iz absoluteley brill i love star wars and this is just amazing its so good i love it!!!