gnarly tree
image by Chodhound


I left the house
Quietly isolated
To search.
Singing soft words
of sweet and strong infinity.
I gaze at the shifting shapes between the branches
And the brush strokes of light on the water.
Let my feet lead me
My mind’s eyes are open.

My world is becoming sharper
Glowing with inner vibrancy.
Beauty blossoming from the delicate bud.
Reality is sparkling and close
Weaving magic into the fabric of my mind.

I am dreamed into existence
Guided through an intricate maze of experience.

Now joy and intimate connection
Life renewed, replenished
Reblooming in creation.
I am drifting through truth
Alive and free.
Being drawn inwards
To what is distant and
So near.

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2 Responses to Awakening

  1. Prem says:

    Ah, now you’ve got me thinking about poetry again. I might just fish out some of my old writings and breathe some new life into them. Thank you.

  2. ChodHound says:

    Very peaceful and calming and yet as old as the world. Nice :-)