image by tcchang
Here is a poem I wrote while walking the 9km around the base of the great Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), Australia, a while back.

Elements of Uluru

Red rock, some of your faces are sheer and bare,
With monolithic ease you bring Earth to meet Air.
Features formed by shadows cast,
In the footprints of mythical creatures past.

Glassy drinking holes fringe your rusty attire,
With monolithic ease you bring Water to meet Fire.
A silent monster who looks and breathes upon the desertscape.
With 1000 eyes that gaze and many mouths that gape.

You are tribesman’s stories,
You are secrets kept.
You are events celebrated
And tears of death wept.

Your caves are your whispers,
Your peaks are your screams.
You are ancient legend
And present day dreams.

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