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<Wow> I’ve just discovered and audioscrobbler – two related websites that track what music you’re listening to and let others hear that music, through an internet radio broadcast.

Here is some music I’ve been listening to recently:

And related music: has generated this list of artists that I might like. Hmmm…

How to listen to this radio broadcast
You may need to register at to hear this radio broadcast. Registration takes seconds, costs nothing and you don’t need to enter your email address.

If all goes well, the music should just start playing through your preferred media player – e.g. Winamp, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, etc.

If your browser asks you whether to “open” or “save” the playlist file, then choose “open”. This file simply tells your media player what location to retrieve the broadcast from.

Let me know if you successfully listened to it.

You will only hear songs that they have available for streaming – so none of my most obscure world music tracks… Oh well.

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  2. Prem says:

    Wired wrote a review of
    (Via Random Programs – see previous trackback comment).