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Red Nite Crash

I almost died last night… I can still feel the pin-prick in my middle finger where the paramedics checked my blood sugar. The feeling still runs through me… I was in a car, spinning. Seventy miles an hour. I had … Continue reading

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Jali & the Kora

07-07-2005. Manchester, UK. It was the day of the recent London bombings and I was wandering a little aimlessly through the city centre, on my way to the recording studios. A strangely ethereal sound came wafting over the hustle and … Continue reading

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Rochdale Canal, Ancoats, Manchester. I was photographing the bridge when Mike asked me what I was doing. We went on to talk for about an hour with a conversation that really touched and affected me.

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You Call That a Bomb?!

I received this in an email from a friend, the day after the London bombs: You call that a bomb! These new terrorists are just rubbish! I’ve lived in London on and off since 1973 and there has never been … Continue reading

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Grassroots Journalism & The London Bombs

Recent events have demonstrated the power of grassroots journalism. The recent bombs in London were followed by a wave of media from independent citizens. Before the first TV crews had arrived, passersby were recording and documenting the events, and blogging … Continue reading

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