What on Earth?

Google Earth

If I had a tail, it would, I feel, be advisable that I now place it sheepishly between my legs as I tuck into the large portion of humble pie set before me.

On May 10th this year I smugly wrote a blog entitled ‘Google a Gonna?’, delighting in the prospect of another corporate monster meeting its untimely demise. Little did I know …

Out of this world!

Google Earth is awesome … the potential applications are seemingly limitless. You can literally (well … virtually) fly all around the earth, zooming in wherever you please, tilting and rotating the landscape to your heart’s content … a more compelling experience is hard to imagine. Terrain, roads, buildings, hotels, restaurants, local search, route finder … already this product has much to offer. Add to this the .KML technology providing layers of dynamic content bound to geographical locations and you have yourself the building blocks of something truly exceptional.

Before hailing Google as an untouchable techno-god, it must be said that this offering is really a re-branding of an already existent application developed over a number of years by the Keyhole team – recently aquired by the search engine giant.

So popular was this free application that Google were forced to suspend downloading and registration just two days after launching in an attempt to combat the massive amount of traffic generated by it’s release. You can still get the download but you’ll have to employ a good search engine to find it!

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