You Call That a Bomb?!

'Bombs in the Dark' by Premasagar

I received this in an email from a friend, the day after the London bombs:

You call that a bomb! These new terrorists are just rubbish! I’ve lived in London on and off since 1973 and there has never been a time free from bombs. The IRA were much better at it.

The 1990 bombs in the city were very impressive. A big truck full of nitrate fertilizer parked outside what is now the Gerkin building, broke every window for four blocks. I was leaning out of my window in Islington at the time and it sounded like the explosion was just a block away.

The bus bomb yesterday was about six blocks away and I didn’t even hear it.

He went on:
G8 statement: re london bombing
Image by Beckster

Did you see Blair’s speech when he had all the leaders lined up behind him? Did you see the looks on the faces of Bush and Chirac? Those two trying to look serious, gave the impression that Blair was speaking from Mount Rushmore. There is definitely something weird about Chirac. Bush standing still, just like a robot in standby mode.

You might remember when Princess Di died, there was a big broohaha because Buckingham Palace didn’t fly the royal standard at half mast. They tried to point out that it is not a national flag, but an indication of the presence of the monarch and therefore does not fly at half mast (unless maybe she is in the basement or on the loo or something), but to no avail. Eventually they lowered it. This time they got right in there and dropped it before anyone said anything. The poor old buffers. They do try!

Waterloo Bridge
Image by Will Wade

The police came by and told us to close up shop in the late morning, but we kept on working.

I drove around central London yesterday afternoon and it was a very surreal vibration. There were no buses and few cars so it was easy to drive, but the whole city was awash with pedestrians. All a bit like a scene from War of The Worlds.

This morning I walked past Kings Cross. There is nothing to see there but there must have been 50 cameras set up and a couple of dozen TV trucks with reporters from all over the world.

Over all though, everything is back to normal today. London is back to it’s usual buzz of useless lawyers in sharp suits, scruffy cockneys ducking and diving and overweight taxi drivers, with their thick necks and low sperm counts, explaining the real story to whoever is stuck in the back.

I do like living in London and if we could just get these scrawny-arsed terrorists to blow up the speed bumps, it would be just about perfect.


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