Red Nite Crash

'Red Nite Crash' by premasagar

I almost died last night… I can still feel the pin-prick in my middle finger where the paramedics checked my blood sugar.

The feeling still runs through me… I was in a car, spinning. Seventy miles an hour. I had swerved left to avoid him and skidded wildly to the side. I swung right to correct it and spun out of control – around and around, across the carriageway.

I had done all I could. I was powerless, just waiting for impact. I closed my eyes and spoke to my Maker… "It is in Your hands now. I can do nothing… It is up to You."

I seemed to hit something. Everything stopped.

I was against the crash barrier in the middle of the motorway. Any moment, a whole laneful of cars would plough right through me… but somehow they didn’t. I was in a gap between the fast lane and the barrier – perhaps the only gap for miles.

A woman was at my window and asked if I was alright. They had seen it happen, saw how he’d pulled in front of me. He didn’t stop, just drove straight off.

I had no life flash before me, no panic, no fear. I knew only that I was powerless. And when I closed my eyes, I renounced the outcome. I felt at peace.

And though my mind was scrambled and the car a mess, my body was untouched. It could so easily have been different.


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4 Responses to Red Nite Crash

  1. Radha says:

    Wow. I am so glad you are ok.

  2. Prem says:

    Me too!
    Thanks, Radha. I’m better than ever.

  3. Dolly says:

    It is good to live to tell the story