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Reclaim The Swastika

I was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the origins and meaning of the swastika symbol. The experience has focussed my mind on the significance of the symbol and the controversy that surrounds it. It is a very ancient … Continue reading

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Time on the Edge

Time soars on the edge of the sun,
The lights flare, then are gone. Continue reading

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London. Strange Place.

Stream of consciousness exercise: London. Strange place. Or maybe it is because I have left the cosy cockles of my Manchester spiritual family behind. Money, clothes, property. He went to an Argentinian restaurant and ate a steak an inch thick, … Continue reading

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In the Now

Mind buzzes, Fickle bee. Flower to flower, Drinking sap of memories and humming of things to come. When mind-mouth is open Eye is closed. When I is open Mystery unfurls Like new leaf Studded with rain gems. Voices hushed Listening … Continue reading

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Spiritual practices, such as meditation, have existed for thousands of years, yet it is still only a small percentage of the world’s population that choose to follow a spiritual discipline. I am defining spiritual discipline here as the intuitional practice … Continue reading

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