London. Strange Place.

Rush Hour

Stream of consciousness exercise:

Strange place.
Or maybe it is because I have left the cosy cockles of my Manchester spiritual family behind.

Money, clothes, property.
He went to an Argentinian restaurant and ate a steak an inch thick, he boasts.

Where are they going these people?
Some voice inside is shouting and screaming:
What are you doing with your lives?

Money, clothes, property;
It all shrivels and dies

And the inextinguishable light,
burning fire,
dancing flames
of Dharma
stifled by
Money, clothes, property.

What use is a 3 bedroom house
with 2 reception rooms
and plenty of storage space
When you can’t pause to hear the stillness throbbing within.

Stillness that will carry us to the sweet depths of Eternity
and then wash us up on a shore
where we can build new homes
on foundations of what we know,
what we feel,
not how much money we can spend.

Money, clothes, property.
Empty clothes
with no one inside.

Sitting on the tube,
Faces looking this way and that.
I see Consciousness locked inside,
Hidden in the shell,
Singing, singing,
trying to break through
and merge.

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3 Responses to London. Strange Place.

  1. Prem says:

    Found myself in a strange town.
    Though I’ve only been here for three weeks now,
    I’ve got blisters on my feet
    Trying find a friend in Oxford Street.

    You’ve got to wear the right clothes,
    Be careful not to pick or scratch your nose.
    You can’t be nice in a strange town,
    ‘Cause “we don’t know, don’t care
    And we got to go, man”.

    ~ ‘Strange Town’ by The Jam

  2. Jyotirmaya says:

    so easy to fall into a them and me style of thinking
    so hard to see they are me
    their flash clothes
    their fast polluting cars
    their complexes
    their weaknesses…
    all me!!!!
    I admire that all-loving consciousness for His ability to love without limitation….
    My heart will get there one day……

  3. Madhava says:

    Love this poem Roshnii (if indeed I can call it that).

    Passionate and poignant and evocative – right on the money.

    Nice work!