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I was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the origins and meaning of the swastika symbol. The experience has focussed my mind on the significance of the symbol and the controversy that surrounds it.

It is a very ancient symbol representing permanent spiritual victory and has been held in great esteem by many different cultures around the world. The fact that such a benevolent symbol was abducted and utterly abused in the 20th Century makes it one of the most controversial symbols around. I have been finding that most people have an opinion about it – one way or another.

A movement has been started to Reclaim The Swastika for the spiritually inspiring intention that it truly stands for:

For your photos of swastikas in their natural habitat, I’ve started a photo group on Flickr:

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One Response to Reclaim The Swastika

  1. N says:

    Here in Mongolia, the Swastika is a national symbol. People are suprised to discover that it could have a negative connotation. You find in on signs, clothes, carpets, cakes, decorations, taxis, everything….