A glimpse, a gleam in eagle’s eye
Behind the bars, as I pass by.
A call, a shriek of irony,
Tells me my cage is just a lie.

Another Cuboid poem I wrote recently. The concept of cuboid poetry is that while it sits in this rigid square structure of 4 lines, 4 rhymes, 4 beats/line, it always alludes to something outside of the box, something cosmic. I started experimenting with this form because I feel it is a way of saying that although we live in this society of square buildings and straight roads, that our minds can still remain free and roam outside of these boxes.

I am always inspired by the stories of monks from Ananda Marga who were imprisoned in India under Indhira Gandhi’s regime. Although they are confined in prisons, they are able to really concentrate on spiritual practises and disciplines and their minds and experiences are truly expansive in those situations.

I think it will be a great step forward for humanity when humans realise that their minds can soar to enormous heights while their physical expansion is limited to only that which they need. Maybe Cuboid poetry could help that paradigm to evolve.

About Jyotirmaya

I am no one and everyone. Been that way for a long time too. Just sometimes i forget.
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2 Responses to Eagle

  1. Roshnii says:

    This cuboid poetry is an interesting concept. Thanks for your explanation, it got the old think-box ticking.

  2. Prem says:

    Poetry for social and spiritual transformation!
    I like your concept, Jyotirmaya. Please keep exploring the genre and posting them here.