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Illustration Friday is one of a multitude of projects on the web with the simple desire to unite minds across the globe and to share inspiration and creativity. In my eyes it is a simple example of how the web can be used to establish a worldwide family.

It is a very simple concept. Each Friday, a theme is given and anyone around the world can illustrate the topic and then submit a link to their illustration from the website.

Anyone is free to suggest a topic and any aspiring or established artist can interpret the theme.

My interest has only recently been sparked by the world of illustration or ‘illo‘ as it is known in such circles. Through Illustration Friday I have discovered an enormous web of artists and illustrators producing beautiful and inspiring work.

I have been particularly drawn (‘xcuse the pun!) to the works of:

I have also taken my own step into the magical world of illustration by starting my own illustrations set on Flickr.

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