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Taj Mahal: Love, Guilt & Grandeur

The Taj Mahal was built 350 years ago by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a place to bury his deceased wife. In Agra, India, it is proudly hailed as a great monument to the power of love. However, my … Continue reading

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Self service

Tantra says there are three roads to salvation: Bhakti (Devotion); Jinani (Knowledge); and Karma (Action/Work). It is said that Bhakti is the greatest of these, without which our ultimate spiritual goal is unreachable. Yet these are not separate roads, they … Continue reading

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some thoughts from my notebook

a poem, another poem and an affirmation… pain befriends me pain says, ‘listen, I am here to help you say goodbye to the past and welcome the future’ — i must accept the death of seconds i must die to … Continue reading

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