some thoughts from my notebook

by Burnblue

a poem, another poem and an affirmation…

pain befriends me
pain says, ‘listen,
I am here to help you
say goodbye to the past
and welcome the future’

i must accept the death of seconds
i must die to be born in breath
to wake naked in this new world
discard my clothes on the shore
and plunge fearlessly into the future



The pain of goodbye is good and right and proper
I honour what has been with my pain

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4 Responses to some thoughts from my notebook

  1. Jyotirmaya says:

    wonderful poem Bharatii,
    I agree that living in the present is all about the “death of seconds” and living each breath as it comes.

    How do you think we should best honor our past?

  2. Bharatii says:

    the three poems/writings are my thoughts at dealing with different aspects of loss… in my notebook the last one actually came first, and the second came last, so my train of thought is a little jumbled here.

    everything has its perfect role, and i’ve been internally exploring the role of pain in situations of deep loss. another metaphor that comes to mind is that of the night that seperates two days – a necessary dark period for light to follow.

    thus i feel to deny pain its proper place is almost to reject the past, to dishonour it. to be able to feel that emotion, to live, to *be* that emotion and to love it as an expression of the divine is to me an expansive, powerful and honouring gesture. what’s more, a deeply spiritual gesture.

    loss is inevitable and also positive – every time i breath out i have lost that breath forever, but then i breath in. so in a way we are dying with every breath.

    there is so much more i could say, but since i have written twice as much as my actual posting, i’ll stop here… hope this answers your question in some way

  3. Madhava says:

    Powerful poem and poignant words following … you are an inspiring sister!


  4. Lavanya says:

    wow, wounderful poetry…so healing and honest