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Tantra says there are three roads to salvation: Bhakti (Devotion); Jinani (Knowledge); and Karma (Action/Work). It is said that Bhakti is the greatest of these, without which our ultimate spiritual goal is unreachable. Yet these are not separate roads, they represent different aspects of the same journey. This is an article about the spirit of Karma and what comes in return for sincere selflessness in our work.

When is work no work at all?

When undertaken in a spirit of selfless service, in pursuit of something greater than ones self.

Recently a beautiful wedding took place in the centre of Manchester in the United Kingdom. A marriage ceremony in the Yogic tradition of Ananda Marga, this event saw the joining of Prema Sa’gar and Roshnii Rose in matrimony and was attended by 100+ family and friends from all over Europe.

A small goup of people from Manchester took the ‘duty’ of organising and manifesting this event and worked very hard leading up to and during the day. This work, carried out in a spirit of selfless sevice, although long and hard, was a joy to undertake. Far from being tired at the end of a 16 hour day of lifting and moving, arranging and attending, cleaning and putting away, we were up-lifted and inspired …

Secular thinking tells us that one gains by getting …

Spiritual widsom tells us that one gains by giving …

In my social service work for Ananda Marga I have felt the truth of this spiritual wisdom many times. Perhaps, in this case, it was the conjunction of this ‘self service’ with the marriage of two wonderful people along with the satsaunga (spiritual connection with friends) I felt; or perhaps, mysteriously it was the Grace of something higher than ourselves saying ‘Thank you and well done’.

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3 Responses to Self service

  1. Lavanya says:

    A beautiful article. I was part of this team and I can add that the grace and joy I felt at the end of the day was inspiring. I have felt this to be true when ever I do service. Thanks Madhava

  2. Premasagar says:

    Ah, it was a beautiful day. I was soaring like a buzzard, fluttering like a butterfly…. All you wonderful people there to sing, to laugh, to love, to help make it one of the most special days of my life.

    Thank you to everyone who was there for us that day.

  3. Jyotirmaya says:

    cool clipple – comments on the Ananda Marga site