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The World’s Largest Democracy

It’s election time in south India and the propaganda is overspilling onto the streets. Is it just coincidence that so many members of the Gandhi/Nehru family have been in power in this country? Or that George Bush Junior followed in … Continue reading

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Hairdo to Die For

I just came across this shocking article about the cost of Cherie Blair’s hair maintenance. The article claims that during the month leading up to the 2005 general election, the wife of the British Prime Minister spent £275 per day … Continue reading

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The Final Leap

Leap-frogging to a new life… This world is but a play And death, a change of scene. Like sleep at day’s end And fresh clothes in the morn, So this body, vehicle for the soul, Is utilised, spent And discarded … Continue reading

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Pure Vegetarian

VEGETARIANISM & CONSCIOUSNESS I consider the degree to which vegetarianism has been embraced by a culture to be an excellent indicator of the extent of its evolution. Refusing to kill animals for food demonstrates the ethical progress and humanity of … Continue reading

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Swastika, take me into your world, Within your centre, all mysteries unfold. Arms spin through eternal time, With tails that trail in the winds behind.

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