Swastika, take me into your world,
Within your centre, all mysteries unfold.
Arms spin through eternal time,
With tails that trail in the winds behind.

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2 Responses to Swastika

  1. Roshnii says:

    For more info on the deep spiritual significance of the swastika symbol, see Reclaim The Swastika [www.reclaimtheswastika.com].

    For more swastika images, see the Positive Swastikas [www.flickr.com/groups/swastika/] photo group.

  2. Jyotirmaya says:

    I am just a bit impressed! The swastika as a yantra – so square and blocky – yet it alludes to something way, way beyond any memory of form. A brilliant cuboid framework about which to mould the clay of words into the dazzling sculpture I have just observed.