The fear of Fear

A Forest

Fear, shadow-cage I daren’t face and fight,
though I thrust out against it with all of my might.
Sidestepped, I embrace the fear of fright,
and prison walls melt in That all-loving light.

About Jyotirmaya

I am no one and everyone. Been that way for a long time too. Just sometimes i forget.
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11 Responses to The fear of Fear

  1. Jyotirmaya says:

    I chose the pic because it made me wonder whether all fear is based on the fear of death, no, annihilation. Death is just a changing of the clothes, annihilation is the complete disintegration of any unit self…..
    I think there can be only one love big enough to make me overcome that fear…..

  2. Madhava says:

    I like the poem, the picture and the sentiment. Good work. surely you mean ‘one Love big enough’. I agree entirely.

  3. Jyotirmaya says:

    “One Love”, Sing it Bob!

  4. Premasagar says:

    Beautifully expressed!
    What happened to the image that was here before? It was great for the words.

  5. jyotirmaya says:

    I thought this image was better….

  6. Premasagar says:

    Yes, I meant this image… an hour ago the image wasn’t there at all, but it’s back now. Ne’ermind.

  7. sir i would like to know more about ur organisation. plese fulfill my aspiration.

  8. Premasagar says:

    Our organisation is Humanity. We seek Truth and Beauty, Expansion and Connection.

  9. i would like to join in ur organisation, for the shake of internal peace. kindly guide me.

  10. Premasagar says:

    Fortunately, Pritimaya, you are evidently already a member!

    The Modern Human has come a long way since his role as Australopithecus, chimpanzee and all of primitive life. The seed for our continued evolution is already within, just waiting to be expressed. We may use a number of tools and techniques to encourage it to grow: meditation, mysticism, education, art, social service, etc…

    Would you like guidance on any of these?

  11. Jyotirmaya says:

    Meditation, harmonious life, peace – these things are your birthright as a human being. Please let me know if I can facilitate bringing them to closer to you..