Auroville: Under Construction

Auroville is an experimental city, under development in south India. It is intended to be a model township – an international and universal place for personal, spiritual growth and social advancement.

Auroville exists for nothing less than to hasten the evolution of the human species – to develop the mind from its animal instincts to sublime intuition, and to manifest the inspiration of the Divine in the material world.


The idea for the town was inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo – an Indian philosopher, freedom fighter and futurist who lived from 1872 to 1950. His greatest disciple, a Frenchwoman known simply as ‘The Mother’, came to India to be by his side and to realise his ideas. She proposed the creation of Auroville, which was finally founded in 1968. Representatives came from all over India and the world, bringing with them a handful of soil from their native lands, to be mixed in an urn at the centre of the city.

The current population is currently around 1800 ‘Aurovilians’. The aim is to have a thriving city of 50,000. The largest country represented so far is India, followed by French and German citizens.

The Matrimandir Temple
The New Species

The building in the photograph is the Matrimandir – the ‘Temple of the Mother‘. Here, ‘Mother’ refers to the supreme Creative Force, the energy that binds Consciousness into the myriad forms of the universe. Compare with goddess Durga from Hindu mythology:

Durga, the Mother

The Matrimandir is to be a place of concentration, for finding the source of one’s consciousness in the stillness of meditation. The red brick ‘lotus petals‘ each contain a room for meditation. Inside the golden dome is the ‘Inner Chamber‘ – a large, white, circular hall containing a huge glass crystal – the largest in the world – which focusses a beam of white light into the centre of the building.

The gold discs are actually made of gold — gold leaf, sandwiched in between two layers of glass and tiled like a mosaic around huge discs. This sphere of gold, around a place of great concentration upon human consciousness, is intended to have an electromagnetic influence on the state of consciousness for the rest of the planet…

In the following photographs, I use quotes from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to illustrate the vision for Auroville.

Auroville: Under Construction The Matrimandir The New Species Somewhere Upon Earth Contact with the Inner Truth Beauty Showed Its Face The Experiment Collaboration The Light By Which To Act Truth-Consciousness A New Consciousness Inner Capacities Children of the World Puncture the Ego The Experience of Life In With the Old and In With the New The Means to Express Stars and Spikes A New World Will Be Born Infinite, We Are Free

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    Never heard of Auroville. I write on trave as well as real estate (also design and arthitecture within real estate). Where is this Auroville and wat are the kind of developments happening there. will be greatful if you could help with some leads or contacts. Might be a good design, architecture or real estate story..
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  7. Every place have their own different attraction…….their culture, their traditions…Traveling during the holidays is always interesting.

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    Wow, that is an amazing building. I would love to see that in person.

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    Auroville is excellent in its design… I never know the building will be too creative like the way it looks..! Amazing to the eyes of viewer.. !