The First Human Thought

The First Human Thought

“The darkness of evolutionary night began to fade centuries ago when the first ape-like creature deserted his tree-branch kingdom and shambled out into the light of the plain. He was guided by something he could not understand: something un-apelike and impossible for his comrades. Somehow, somewhere in his seething body chemistry, something had changed. In his brain lay the seed of humanity; in his strangely bright eyes, the dark shadow of a hidden dream.

Time passed slowly. The new creatures developed and multiplied. The wonderful changes in their bodies and minds continued; their brains, nerves and glandular systems grew in complexity and specialisation. New behaviour patterns evolved and after some time, emotions and feelings unknown and denied to all previous forms of life found their means of expression. The Dawn of Man was reached at that auspicious hour.

The waves of thought generated by that first human expression vibrate even to this day in the unconscious mind of every human being. Everyone of us carries within him the hidden memory of that first sunrise, and even beyond it into the darkness of antiquity. We are, by means of this primordial memory, which is part of our human heritage, intimately connected to all forms of life.”

‘Supreme Expression 1′ p.328, by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

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2 Responses to The First Human Thought

  1. Krpasevananda says:

    As a biologist by training, I find that knowledge obtained by the “intuitional science” of yoga adds to the natural science understanding of nature. I now realize that being human is more of a state of mind that a state of genetics. Assuming that the first conherent thought of the Bramatattva ,i.e., ‘the infinite’ occured a million years ago, I would have to welcome Homo erectus into the human family.
    Also, knowledge of the waxing and waning of the influence of binding energy on conscousness puts a totally new light on bio-evolution. Althought the observations and conclusions of science based on adaption to nitch is quite correct, the bigger picture of the
    ‘clearer and clearer relfection of cosmic conciousness’ as a trend is not understood by science (yet).
    It may never be understood, because to fully understand evolution it is necessary not to leave out the factor of reincarnation.

  2. Angeline says:

    I wonder why you have put monkeys picture to the “First Human Thought”.. But, it is the apt picture because the thinking of man is same like monkeys..!