The Well

Reflection in a Well

Thank You,
You have shown me
The way to the well.
Where I can drink
When my mouth is dry.
Where I can bathe
When my skin is sullied.
Where I can be refreshed
When my eyes are weary.

The way to the well
Is strewn with stones.

The way to the well
Is the way home.

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2 Responses to The Well

  1. Jyotirmaya says:

    see my comment here.

  2. The Sight Of You (Baba)

    Divine Guru
    My secret passage
    Into true love

    The power of secrets
    Spoken so silently
    Tug my heart

    A vision barely seen
    Stays forever in my mind
    Mysterious peek
    Knowledge deep

    Or finding new?
    Piercing my heart
    Gardenia scent

    I lie down at Your feet
    Not knowing why

    Your are the inspiration
    Of the noble warrior

    You are the heart
    Of the hummingbird

    Just the sight of You
    Fills the oceans with tears