Scripture, Dogma & the Supreme Ideation

lebanon.. amidst ruins ≈ light
Photo by James Billings, who has been caught in the strife of a Lebanon being bombed.

“So many scriptures say so many things, and they are sometimes contradictory to one another. Now what to do? What is an ordinary man to do? Whom to follow and whom not to follow?

There are so many social codes in the world. And amongst intellectuals there are so many diversities of opinion. One intellectual doesn’t express, doesn’t recommend, doesn’t support, the views of others. And it is the greatest weakness of intellectuals that they always encourage disunity. They always support heterogeneity.

Then where lies the secret of Dharma [the innate nature of humanity]? ‘Dharma’ means ‘spirituality’ – not ‘spiritualism’, but spirituality’.

Now the Supreme Entity [the One Infinite Consciousness], the Controlling Entity, the final stance of Dharma, lies covert within one’s own ‘I’ feeling. That is, you are to search internally and not externally.

Everything is within you, because the Supreme always remains with you, within the very core of your heart. So search within, O spiritual aspirant, not without, but within – within your very existence.

Your only object of ideation is the Supreme, and not any dogma, not any scripture.”

- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, 13 May 1979, Fiesch, Switzerland

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One Response to Scripture, Dogma & the Supreme Ideation

  1. Premasagar, thank you for sharing these words, which are both liberating and challenging.

    Shrii Shrii Anandumurti calls on us to accept responsibility for our spiritual development and for our actions. He is not alone in this call: other spiritual teachers have pointed to this path as well. Two that come to my mind are the historical Buddha, who advised his followers to be lamps unto themselves, and the Protestant theologian Paul Tillich, who admonished his readers to place nothing above the “Ground of Being,” including our sacred texts.

    Following this call is not easy, but it is a call to deep and abiding joy. I believe it that our affirmative response is crucial for the spiritual health of humanity.

    Best wishes for peace,