Longing for the Great

Longing for the Great

“The Cosmic Entity alone is infinite and eternal. It alone is limitless. And the eternal longing of human beings for happiness can only be satiated by realisation of the Infinite.

The ephemeral nature of worldly possessions, power and position can only lead one to the conclusion that none of the things of the finite and limited world can set at rest the everlasting urge for happiness. Their acquisition merely gives rise to further longing. Only realisation of the Infinite can do it.

The Infinite can be only one, and that is the Cosmic Entity. Hence it is only the Cosmic Entity that can provide everlasting happiness — the quest for which is the characteristic of every human being.

In reality, behind this human urge is hidden the desire, the longing, for attainment of the Cosmic Entity. It is the very nature of every living being. This alone is the dharma [the fundamental nature] of every person.”

- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, in ‘Ananda Marga: Elementary Philosophy

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