What is Mysticism?

Ganga Flow

“When the aesthetic sense, based on subtle aesthetic science, comes to touch a certain standard, it is what is called mysticism. And when this mysticism reaches the pinnacle of human glory, or the excellence of human glory, it is called spirituality.

What is mysticism? Mysticism is the never-ending endeavour to find out the link between the finite and the infinite. It is a never-ending endeavour to find out a link between the self and the Super-Self. This is mysticism.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, in Yoga Psychology

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2 Responses to What is Mysticism?

  1. tenzin youden says:

    Mysticism is the direct knowledge of God that occurs through the little or no experience of union. This involves something deep within us, which is beyond the senses, mental capacity and imagination, and much more magnificent. We also call this something “love,” although in truth, it cannot be named. Furthermore, although we have union with God through love, God must out of necessity remain a mystery. The higher degrees of union have nothing to do with our own efforts or actions, but rather depend upon the grace of God

  2. Miirabay says:

    The mistery is how you develop a feeling of love between you and the grater one. If you choose love, the distance betwwen you and the infinite become closer…