Second Life: An Ideal Society on the 3D Web?

Although you're far... (by ~Aphrodite)

At the recent SLDevU conference in London, I understood the vision behind the online virtual world, Second Life, to a much deeper level: a platform for the 3D Internet – a richer, more compelling and more collaborative space for information and communication than our current, flat-screen Web.

A Collision Of Worlds (by Kisa Naumova)

Created by visionary programmers and inhabited by curious explorers, soul seekers, revellers, entrepreneurs and a frenzy of big-bucks brands, I wonder if we could turn this new Frontierland into something greater than our First Life?…

Second Life is often cited as being just another Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplay Game. But its founders have no such idea in mind. No, not a game, but a virtual universe in which all the lands, buildings, clothes and all manner of wild and wonderful objects are sculpted and scripted by the residents. People conduct business and engage in the marketplace for very real money. They congregate and communicate in ways never previously possible…

making tshirts in Second Life (by Glitch010101)

Information from our more familiar, 2D websites streams in and out of the Second Life world, interacting with its residents. Now you can watch a YouTube video together with people in different countries. You could be in the crowd at a concert of your favourite band, without ever travelling. You can work with colleagues and hold business meetings in your new virtual office.

Public Radio Show "The Infinite Mind" in Second Life (by Pathfinder Linden)

What possibilities of open-mindedness and self-exploration could this unique experience offer? If travel expands the mind, Second Life is like moving to Mars! Certainly, the space is permeated by all the familiar messages from dollar-hungry ‘lifestyle’ brands and the heady hedonism of clubs and consumerism. We know these too well, but is there something else in there, something to touch the core of one’s being: meaningful communication, heartfelt connection, depth and learning or spiritual discovery?

NASA's new learning initiative unveiled (by janet.powell)

We see a rare opportunity, where the citizens of this New World can be instrumental in creating the society of their dreams – and in the relative safety of a virtual space. Can we rise to the challenge and even create a catalyst for transforming the very Real World all around us?…

Grain (by Kisa Naumova)


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5 Responses to Second Life: An Ideal Society on the 3D Web?

  1. jiivan says:

    Thanks for that post. You have showed me the whole thing from a different angle. I have never looked at it in that way before.

  2. Second Life is the first virtual world.. but now he it’s old….needs a major update with new 3D graphics.

  3. Ben Anderson WT says:

    Yeah, I agree. Some major updates are greatly needed.

  4. A little of some 3D graphics will not be harmful at all.

  5. free mmos says:

    3D viewing is definitely a lot better. Thanks for the links.