Song Bird

Bird Song

‘Inside, inside!’, the Song Bird cried;
inviting me to go within.
So sweet across the great divide,
I heard It softly calling.

‘But how’, I asked ‘should I begin?’
‘which road am I to follow?’.
‘Fear not’, It sang, ‘go in, go in’,
‘I will be there to guide you’.

At first just He, then He and me,
then He alone therein I find.
My soul in burst and flying free,
I live for Him and serve mankind.

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5 Responses to Song Bird

  1. Madhava says:

    In my second life profile it says “I’m a man on a mission”. One of my friends there asked me “so, what’s your mission?”, so I told her. My unstated mission is to build a yoga centre in both second and first life. She was curious as to how I came to know my mission. I told her that I looked inside. She wanted to know more but I couldn’t think of anything much to say to her. The next day I wrote this poem to explain, as best as I can, how I found out what my mission is.

  2. Lavanya says:

    Hey Brother
    Its so great to see you writing.

    This poem is different form what I have experienced from you before, which is a sure sign of your literacy skills growing.
    The poem as a deep feeling of vunerablity to it and it is expressed with sweetness. I love the delicate image of the song bird within the poem, yet I was left feeling like I wanted more of the poem…..Don’t end there!. Very Beautiful. Keep going this is a sign of your growing expansion and a purfect mirror for your inner world to us all. I hope your friend gets a sense of her own mission when she reads it.


  3. Niilakantha says:

    I liked this a lot Madhava… thanks

  4. Ajit Lal says:

    About Song Bird,
    Inside? and
    My Mission.
    The song bird inspires me to
    Look and listen Inside.
    Identify my Mission and explore Life- Second Life And setup an interactive website,
    With Eric.

    Song Bird

    What is inside?
    Insde is strength
    Of Silence.
    Peace, Moksha.

    The ultimate mission.
    No reincarnation,
    No unending Birth and
    Cycle again and again.

    I am ‘Brahm’
    Supreme Consciousness.
    My inner strength is
    Inner Silence.

    I am Brahm,

    I was always.
    I am always,
    I will be always,
    I am the supreme
    Consciousness pure.

    At Night,
    When I want to sleep,
    I listen to Inner Silence,
    I Imagine
    On The Himalayas,
    Looking down
    On the Plains beyond,
    Silence envelopes me,
    Like a warm shawl
    Protective and peaceful,
    I go to sleep,
    Perhaps to wake-up,

  5. Bollywood says:

    Ajit Lal thats wonderful song and with meaning defined clearly