truth song

how the spiritual folk do condemn
& they blame (or they think it’s a shame)
when my love doesn’t fit in their boxes
and though it may seem such a shame
all the same, it’s a game
i have chosen to play
and my heart’s at the stake
so i’d better keep straight
on the path, on my path
through the trees & the dark
but the dark is my friend
that i want to embrace
and the more i explore
i discover the face of my
Love is the dark as well as the
light is the non-path
as well as the path that delights you
so my path may not look
like the path that you know
it may even be so that it looks
not at all like a path, not to you
but i promise you, darling,
i stick to my path through
& through, true & true
and perhaps even truer

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2 Responses to truth song

  1. Madhava says:

    Bold and brassy – I love it!

    I enjoyed the meter the grit and the feel. Nice one.



  2. Roshnii says:

    Wonderful. When I read the line:

    but the dark is my friend
    that i want to embrace

    I can picture you in rolled up jeans, walking through a shadowy night-forest throwing your ams in the air.

    A question: What do you mean by: perhaps even truer?