Words Unfurl

baby aussie

I want to write and write and write.
Unfurl words,
curled like new ferns
inside me.

It is almost painful.
A joyful, beautiful pain
that breathes in
through my senses.

To pick up a pencil and
release, release.
Into this compact notebook
that promises to carry my dreams
on a sailboat into the night.

Oh, I just want to let them flow out
like rainwaters along the edges
of paved streets.
Flow out and trickle
into ears and eyes
and open like flowers
in moist mouths.

Moist mouths that kiss and whisper,
and relish shapes
of poetry.

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5 Responses to Words Unfurl

  1. Roshnii says:

    This piece of writing was a stream of consciousness that arose from the sweet and painful desire to write and create.

  2. Premasagar says:

    Let it flow… let it flow…
    Your words are always welcome this way…
    Enjoy the release :o)

  3. life!! flowing, your words… a gift to us all. deep thanks to you, roshni. namaste.

  4. Roshnii says:

    Thanks Jeanne. Always good to hear from you.

  5. bharatii says:

    i enjoy this… in a very sensual way, that desperate deep desire to create, and the deliciousness of the creating. mmm.