Inner Song 7

Inner Song 7

On Saturday, 10th March, three Yogic monks from all around Europe, arrive in Manchester, UK to sing and play music. They are coming to raise money for underprivileged children and hopefully ‘raise the roof’ as well.

In support of the Student Action Manchester projects Chorlton Kids and The Ladybarn, the Ananda Marga Yoga and Meditation Centre in Chorlton, Manchester are staging a charity fund raising concert at Yoga Shala in Manchester city centre (map). Also featuring local artist, Kal, this event promises to be entertaining and inspirational.

All proceeds go to ‘Student Action Manchester’, who will channel the money directly to the children they support. This is possible because everyone involved, from the organisers to the artists, are freely volunteering their time and energy. All design, public relations and media work has been donated by Dharmasphere. Additionally, local food retailers Unicorn, Barbakan Deli, Chorlton Wholefoods and Forest Foods have all made generous donations of wholesome refreshments to be sold at the event.

The Chorlton Kids project helps children between 5-12 years old from a Manchester based one-parent safe-haven. These children are primarily supported to engage in arts & crafts activities and indoor games, and are also taken out on field trips. The Ladybarn project supports local learning-disabled children and young adults by facilitating arts and crafts pursuits as well as cooking and gardening activities.

This event is therefore a threefold opportunity: firstly, to enjoy a culturally rich evening of music in the heart of the city; secondly, to support a worthy cause; and thirdly, to share the spiritual inspiration of the performers!

Inner Song 7 @Yoga Shala, 1st Floor, 12 Newton Street, Manchester, Manchester M1 1AN (map). Tel: 0161 288 6918.

No fixed entrance fee – all donations appreciated :o)

Dada RavishekharanandaDada NabhaniilanandaDada Vedaprajinananda

Click the play button above to hear an interview with Dada Ravishekharananda & Dada Nabhaniilananda from Ananda Marga as well as Jess Etridge from Student Action Manchester at All FM radio.

Audio file downloads: 64kbps mp3 | hi-res mp3 | hi-res ogg


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