Overgrown watering can
I lose myself in Your arms and the raindrops that fall onto the still water of Your heart. My fear washed away by the mossy dew of Your smile.
How long have I waited to lose myself? Only You know. And the distant light that glimmers in Your eye shares my secrets.
A river, carrying all water drops to the ocean, breathes a sigh of relief as it opens into the wide expanse of water where the memories of its journey are lost to a new presence. A vastness that envelops all fears and soothes them with soft murmurs like a mother to her child.

Hold me. Hold me closer, until our bodies merge and our imaginations share their dreams like one mind. Dancing, swaying in the moonlight, we are lost together on the inky sands of the night-swept shore. Our fingers interlacing, skin to skin.

A river, carrying all water drops to the ocean, breathes a sigh of relief as she opens into the wide expanse of water, where all memories of her journey are lost. A vastness that envelops all fears and soothes them like a mother murmuring to her child.
Please hold me. I can’t lose You. You are too precious to me. You are me. Your love binds me to this reality – this world of shapes and colours; this dreamscape of signs and walkways.

In the leafy, shaded garden, seated on a grassy mound, a wise saint sits in stillness contemplating the elusive depths within. With such fearless determination he sits, as wind and rain beat his body. Only his chest moving as he breathes the life force into his cells.

I’m listening. Listening for stories in the whisper of the leaves in the breeze. What words can be woven from this web that surrounds me?
Ivy, watering can. Cobwebbed greek figure of grey plaster, flecked with green lichen and dry litter of autumn leaves. Yellow flowers for which I can’t find words to describe. Their petals like thin shavings of butter soaked in sunlight.

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3 Responses to Lost

  1. Roshnii says:

    Stream of consciousness prose poetry, written during a writers’ retreat day in Lewes on the theme ‘Lost’.

  2. jyotirmaya says:

    beautiful and moving. Took me to an internal mountain top and let me gaze over pre-dawn mental horizons

  3. Devashish says:

    Beautiful roshniiji, thank you for sharing. Passion is truly my most favoritist contagion. More Baba, please!