Namaste (by The way of Earth)

Yours from me, this namaska’r.
Cognance of who we really are.
A shape to hold when souls seem far.
One light, my comet and your star.

About Jyotirmaya

I am no one and everyone. Been that way for a long time too. Just sometimes i forget.
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One Response to Namaska’r

  1. Jyotirmaya says:

    If you’re wondering why this is entitled Namaska’r and not Namaste (here a’ refers to the long aa sound in Sam’skrta), here is an explanation -
    The rule is, if you pay salutations to a human being, you should say “Namaska’r”, but if you pay salutations to Parama Purus’a, you must say “Namaste”. Namaste means “I salute Thee.” Human beings are greeted with the word “Namaska’r” because they are considered to be the expressions of the Supreme Being. They should not be greeted with “Namaste.” In the case of Parama Purus’a either “Namaste” or “Namaska’r” is permissible.” … PR Sarkar, Subha’s'ita Sam’graha Part 10.