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I am no one and everyone. Been that way for a long time too. Just sometimes i forget.


Yours from me, this namaskar.
Cognance of who we really are. Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

When Black surrounds and muffs my sight, Continue reading

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A Dangerous Time in Humanstory

I write from New York – having just roared up the east coast in an aluminium snake of a train from Washington to stay here with some old friends from another hemisphere. The summer is well and truly Indian in … Continue reading

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History is Written by the E-victors

I read today on the Al Jazeera website that google are expanding their news search engine to include news archives from the last 200 years. I guess this will be a fantastic thing for journalists and researchers alike – giving … Continue reading

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An Atheist Lost My Wallet

I had an unwritten contract with my mother. She gave me a physical body and a home in which to nourish it, and in return I went to Sunday school every Sunday till I was confirmed into the school of … Continue reading

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