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Future Society: ‘Prout’ Short Story Competition

Prout (PROgressive Utilisation Theory) is a visionary socio-economic system to encourage a cooperative society. A new short story competition has been announced for writers to open a window on a future, Proutistic society. From the press release: IMAGINE A SOCIETY … Continue reading

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The Lotus Date

You’ll often hear about the life-changing benefits of meditation and how it can release a deep, lasting contentment. But did they tell you how it can throw a spanner in the works of day-to-day life?… ‘Lotus Date’ by Anadi.

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Have you ever been to a meditation class where you can’t concentrate for the deep-breathing of the new boy? Film-maker, Anadi, certainly has… ‘Breathe’ Movie

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Spam Victims Take Action!

There are plenty of wrongs to right in the world. We can but deal with one at a time… I don’t know about you, but email spam really annoys me. There’s something repulsive about deceitfully and repeatedly forcing useless products … Continue reading

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The Sound of Dharmasphere

Do you like Dharmasphere? Do you listen to music? Sure you do! Roll up and join the Dharmasphere group on Last FM. We’ll get group radio once we have a few more members… Last FM is a website that learns … Continue reading

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