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Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague

A few days ago, while browsing the shelves of a closing-down sale at a second-hand bookshop, I stumbled across a copy of Geraldine Brooks’ novel, Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague (2001). On a whim I decided to … Continue reading

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The Well

Thank You, You have shown me The way to the well. Where I can drink When my mouth is dry. Where I can bathe When my skin is sullied. Where I can be refreshed When my eyes are weary. The … Continue reading

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Delicate Intricacy of Life’s Weavings

Funny how in simple moments like sitting on the Victoria Line, hurtling through London’s network of tube tunnels, listening to the notes of Tracy Chapman’s voice, surrounded by sound, slipping through the seemingly mundane world, I feel so alive. Beautiful … Continue reading

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Hairdo to Die For

I just came across this shocking article about the cost of Cherie Blair’s hair maintenance. The article claims that during the month leading up to the 2005 general election, the wife of the British Prime Minister spent £275 per day … Continue reading

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Swastika, take me into your world, Within your centre, all mysteries unfold. Arms spin through eternal time, With tails that trail in the winds behind.

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