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Images of the world.


Rochdale Canal, Ancoats, Manchester. I was photographing the bridge when Mike asked me what I was doing. We went on to talk for about an hour with a conversation that really touched and affected me.

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Live8 & G8 Photos

The meeting of the G8 world leaders in Gleneagles, Scotland is about to begin. And Third World Debt, together with the poverty and exploitation it creates, is firmly under the spotlight. Below are the latest photos from the G8 and … Continue reading

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Yellow Wall & the Art of Non-Linear Storytelling

I’ve been experimenting with interlinking photos to allow a user to navigate around a scene. If you click on the photo above, you can then navigate around the Yellow Wall using the links within the image notes. The whole photoset … Continue reading

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Writing With Photos

So, it’s possible to spell words with Flickr photos, eh? Kastner‘s created a little gizmo to do just this from the photos of Flickr’s countless users. » Respell Dharmasphere, or… Spell your own: (on Kastner’s Flickrtext site) (Refresh the resulting … Continue reading

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Images From The World

So, I finally got around to getting into I first heard about this collective global photo community quite some time ago, but hadn’t delved into it until now. I’ve uploaded some of my recent photos and artwork based on … Continue reading

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