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truth song

how the spiritual folk do condemn & they blame (or they think it’s a shame) when my love doesn’t fit in their boxes and though it may seem such a shame all the same, it’s a game i have chosen … Continue reading

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Pi to me a Kingdom is

Pi to me a Kingdom is. Such perfect joy therein I find, that it excels all other bliss that world affords or grows by kind. Though much I think I feel I want, and still my mind permits to crave, … Continue reading

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Song Bird

‘Inside, inside!’, the Song Bird cried; inviting me to go within. So sweet across the great divide, I heard It softly calling. ‘But how’, I asked ‘should I begin?’ ‘which road am I to follow?’. ‘Fear not’, It sang, ‘go … Continue reading

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forms of endless You

Black morning. Clouds, muggy and moody, Smother the mouth of the city. Thousands of bodies Slide to the grind, Underground. Faces straight and indifferent. Lost in folds of paper and fatigue. Walls plastered with Where to go What to wear … Continue reading

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The Well

Thank You, You have shown me The way to the well. Where I can drink When my mouth is dry. Where I can bathe When my skin is sullied. Where I can be refreshed When my eyes are weary. The … Continue reading

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