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Spam Victims Take Action!

There are plenty of wrongs to right in the world. We can but deal with one at a time… I don’t know about you, but email spam really annoys me. There’s something repulsive about deceitfully and repeatedly forcing useless products … Continue reading

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No Zidane is an Island

“Can they not see that this conduct ultimately leads to violence?”, a remark made by a French friend of mine recently. He was really upset by the world cup final incident largely because of the conduct of the players. Speaking … Continue reading

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Zinedine Zidane & the Yoga of Ethics

In a moment of testosterone-fuelled animality, a billion viewers cried in shocked unison, “what on earth is Zidane doing?” For, the captain of France’s football team, in their chase for the World Cup, had just launched a charging headbutt at … Continue reading

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Auroville is an experimental city, under development in south India. It is intended to be a model township – an international and universal place for personal, spiritual growth and social advancement. Auroville exists for nothing less than to hasten the … Continue reading

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The World’s Largest Democracy

It’s election time in south India and the propaganda is overspilling onto the streets. Is it just coincidence that so many members of the Gandhi/Nehru family have been in power in this country? Or that George Bush Junior followed in … Continue reading

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