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Using visual (or other) techniques for capturing the essence of a phenomenon or system.

What on Earth?

If I had a tail, it would, I feel, be advisable that I now place it sheepishly between my legs as I tuck into the large portion of humble pie set before me.

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Google a Gonna? is a search engine that displays the results of your information requests in a very interesting way… In his excellent blog Semiologic, Denis de Bernard’s recent posting claims that Grokking ‘ times more powerful that anything Google’s pathetically outperformed … Continue reading

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Welsh Dragon Rises At Election

The Election is over. When I looked at the new UK political map at the BBC, I couldn’t help noticing something… Is it just me, or is there a Dragon in Wales – bowing its head and unfurling its wings? … Continue reading

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Category Map

Something I’ve just been trying out… Here is a Category Map of this website. It uses the WordPress Category Map Plugin.

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