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Gazing into Infinity.


Yours from me, this namaskar.
Cognance of who we really are. Continue reading

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I lose myself in Your arms and the raindrops that fall onto the still water of Your heart. My fear washed away by the mossy dew of Your smile. How long have I waited to lose myself? Only You know. … Continue reading

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The Human Connection

In the immense, swarming hive of London, it is easy to avoid human connection. Much easier to avert one’s eyes or block out the city’s voices with the headphones of one’s iPod. So, it came as a pleasant surprise when … Continue reading

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Inner Song 7

On Saturday, 10th March, three Yogic monks from all around Europe, arrive in Manchester, UK to sing and play music. They are coming to raise money for underprivileged children and hopefully ‘raise the roof’ as well.

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Pi to me a Kingdom is

Pi to me a Kingdom is. Such perfect joy therein I find, that it excels all other bliss that world affords or grows by kind. Though much I think I feel I want, and still my mind permits to crave, … Continue reading

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