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Fibonacci Traders

I am often fascinated by the choice of Google ads that appear on different posts on this site (at the bottom-right of the page). For the previous post on Golden Rectangles, there was a string of ads for ‘Fibonacci Traders’… … Continue reading

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Grassroots Journalism & The London Bombs

Recent events have demonstrated the power of grassroots journalism. The recent bombs in London were followed by a wave of media from independent citizens. Before the first TV crews had arrived, passersby were recording and documenting the events, and blogging … Continue reading

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Live8 & G8 Photos

The meeting of the G8 world leaders in Gleneagles, Scotland is about to begin. And Third World Debt, together with the poverty and exploitation it creates, is firmly under the spotlight. Below are the latest photos from the G8 and … Continue reading

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Yellow Wall & the Art of Non-Linear Storytelling

I’ve been experimenting with interlinking photos to allow a user to navigate around a scene. If you click on the photo above, you can then navigate around the Yellow Wall using the links within the image notes. The whole photoset … Continue reading

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Writing With Photos

So, it’s possible to spell words with Flickr photos, eh? Kastner‘s created a little gizmo to do just this from the photos of Flickr’s countless users. » Respell Dharmasphere, or… Spell your own: (on Kastner’s Flickrtext site) (Refresh the resulting … Continue reading

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